July 2018

Parathas are all time favourites for all. They are so versatile that you can have them for breakfast or main course or as a snack. Groundnut Bajra Paratha is no exception. Delicious Paratha that is Dairy free & Gluten free. Groundnut Bajra Paratha is a healthy paratha as well with added proteins in the form of groundnuts. Groundnut Bajra Paratha

As the name suggests this Spring onion Sabzi is prepared exclusively with lots of spiring onions.  Also known as Scallions, Spring onions are vegetables of various Allium onion species. They have a milder taste when compared to most onions. They belong to families of garlic, shallot, leek, chive, and Chinese onion. Nutritionally, spring onions have the benefits of both onions and greens. They are a good source of vitamin K and vitamin C, and vitamin A too. Spring onion is normally eaten raw in salads, raitas and sandwiches. The green tops are used like chives, as a garnish or sliced in salads or stir fries. Here is a recipe for making a Spring onion Sabzi with the greens and the onions.

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February 10th is celebrated as World Pulses Day. I am an avid fan of whole pulses / lentils. When I took a review of my posts so far, I realised I have as of today posted 22 recipes using whole pulses & legumes. I decided to compile all those recipes and make an eBook that you can download from my site.


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