Gluten free flour mix 2 | For baking bread

Gluten free flour mix 2 | For baking bread

I had been trying to work out a home made gluten free flour mix for bread for quite some time. The Flour mix I had already posted had protein : starch in the ratio 2: ½. It works well for cookies, muffins and cakes. They failed when I tried to bake bread with that flour mix.

After going through quite a few recipes in the Internet, I realised to a certain degree where I was going wrong.

  1. Bread mix requires more starchy flours.

That’s probably why bread is not considered a healthy breakfast on daily basis. Though it is a grab to item when you are in a hurry, there are better options available. In my anxiety to reduce the starch to the lowest level, my breads were not what a bread should be.

  1. Gluten, a protein found in wheat flour, is what gives structure to baked goods.

To replace gluten, you’ll need to use other thickeners like Xanthan gum or guar gum in your baking. I was avoiding Xanthan gum for some reason.  But breads require some additive to thicken and stabilize. Lest they fall apart. Though Xanthan gum is approved by the Government for use in foods, I was not 100% convinced.

  1. On further research I realised, I can replace Xanthan gum with Psyllium husk.

It is a plant based dietary fibre that is mainly used to relieve symptoms of constipation and occasionally as a food thickener. As a thickener, it has been successfully used in ice cream and frozen desserts. I did not mind using it though there are a few downsides. But I felt they are negligible. I had to draw a line somewhere.

Finally I addressed these issues. I made a separate gluten free flour mix specially for bread.

  1. Took 100 gm Jowar flour
  2. Added 100 gm Brown rice flour

Though brown rice flour has starch, since it has not been stripped of its bran and germ, it is significantly higher in many vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients than white rice flour. This makes it the ideal rice choice for improving overall nutrition.

  1. Added 300 gm white rice flour + tapioca flour for starch.

You can consider only white rice flour / tapioca flour / potato starch / arrowroot flour / or a mixture of 2 or 3 of these totalling 300 gm.

  1. This gave me 500 gms of gluten free flour mix for a decent medium loaf in an 8 × 5 loaf tin.
  2. Just before baking add 2 tbsp of Psyllium husk for binding.

Here’s the flour mix:

Mix 1: By weight

100 gm Jowar flour (Sorghum flour)
100 gm Brown rice flour
300 gm white rice flour / tapioca flour / arrowroot flour or mixture of all or any

If for some reason, you do not have a kitchen scale, and you believe only in cup measurements, here’s another easy mix for you in cup measures.

Mix 2: By cup measurement (Standard measuring cup 1 cup= 250 ml)

1 cup Jowar flour (Sorghum flour)
1 cup Tapioca flour / white rice flour /arrowroot / potato starch / corn starch, etc) (Starch)
1 cup Brown rice flour (protein + starch) (Quinoa flour / Rajgira (Amaranth) flour )



  1. I have baked bread with both Mixes above and both come out almost identical.

2. Please note that I have not tried with Rajgira or Quinoa. Do let me know if you happen to use it and the result.

3. Many gluten-free flours require combinations of different types of gluten-free flours to create a tasty end product.

4. I have successfully used Jowar (Sorghum), Tapioca, Brown rice and White rice flour combination.

5. You can make your own Brown rice flour at home by grinding Brown Rice in your mixer grinder and sieving it through a fine sieve.

6. Though I have replaced Xanthan Gum with Psyllium husk, you can still use it if you prefer. But the quantity needs to be adjusted. I guess 1 tsp Xanthan gum for this mix should be good.

There are many Gluten free flour mix available off shelf in Western countries. In India, though it has not caught up, Amazon does have some mixes. But looking at the price, one would definitely think twice. Making your own flour mix is fun and cost effective. Also, you can customise your flour mix so that you know what you are consuming.

Try this Gluten free flour mix and bake your own healthy delicious bread at home. It is easy and healthy mix.

  • T. A. Cash
    Posted at 06:02h, 16 February

    Thank you for your post on bread flour. I am just starting to venture out and make my own bread. Been gluten free for a few years and am limited on dairy products. Just had a question,. In mix 1 and mix 2, should I still “just before baking add 2 tbsp of Psyllium husk for binding”.

    • ramag
      Posted at 09:05h, 04 May

      Dear Cash, thanks for the response. Yes, in point no 5 in my recipe, I have mentioned that you can add 2 tbsp Psyllium husk for binding. Please do. That is the only binder we use. Warm rgds

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