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Here is Thali for Navratri recipes day 8 Navratri is celebrated to worship the divine forms of Goddesses Durga (first 3 days), Lakshmi (next 3 days) and Saraswathi (last 3 days). These 9 days are supposed to be auspicious period for Hindus. In Maharashtra, Gujarat and some North Indian states, many people observe fast during the 9 days as offerings to these deities. Navratri fasting is very special with many do's and dont's. Keeping all these rules in mind, I have developed different recipes for different days of Navratri. These are fasting recipes that can make your fasting interesting. This Thali for Day 8 has  Sabudana Kashmiri Pulao, Cucumber Raita, Fruit Custard Navratri Thali day 8

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Navratri is around the corner. Download this free ebook which includes one thali recipe for each day for the nine days of Navratri. Thali for each day consists of one main dish, one side dish and one dessert. That means there are 9 dishes in each category totalling 27 recipes. You can mix and match any item as you prefer.


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