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Hi friends,

Hello. Welcome to my site. Here, you will find healthy, easy to make and delicious dairy free, gluten free and white sugar free recipes to suit Indian palate. Sensitivity to Gluten and Dairy is more prevalent these days due to many reasons outside our control. I have been one such victim.


Though there is much awareness on these two ingredients in many countries, I feel that here in India it is inadequate. Many are not even aware that gluten and dairy can be the cause for some of their health issues. Those who are aware and keen to follow the diet find it difficult to find recipes that are both dairy free and gluten free. Search for vegan recipes have Gluten ingredients and vice versa. Or it does not suit their native palette.


After having been diagnosed with sensitivity to gluten and dairy, my journey in innovative vegan and gluten free recipes to suit Indian palette began and culminated into a passion to spread more awareness. The result is this website.


Hope you enjoy the recipes you find here.


Healthy Eating 🙂

Rama Ganapathy
Mumbai, 18.03.2018


Dear Friends,

Almost 3 months after I started this website I’m glad to announce the release of my cookbook Vegan & Gluten Free which I have authored with Mr Ramakrishnan, Founder of OPOS (One Pot One Shot). Its a Kindle edition available both in Amazon. in and Amazon.com.
Rama Ganapathy
02 July 2018

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Navratri is around the corner. Download this free ebook which includes one thali recipe for each day for the nine days of Navratri. Thali for each day consists of one main dish, one side dish and one dessert. That means there are 9 dishes in each category totalling 27 recipes. You can mix and match any item as you prefer.


Healthy Eating 🙂

Rama Ganapathy