• Dal Kanda (kaanda / कांदा ) is a speciality from Maharashtra. This is the traditional dish of Saoji community (also spelt as Souji, Sauji), having their origins in Malwa region. Kanda in Marathi means...

  • Pierogi (pronounced as perogi) is a popular dish native to Poland. Polish documents as early as the 17th century talk about Pierogi. It is a savoury dumpling that has crossed its boundaries and has be...

  • Almond milk has many health benefits. There are many who avoid dairy milk as health or lifestyle choice such as veganism. Its is the best option for such people. The left over pulp after extracting th...

  • Almond milk is the popular choice for those who cannot or choose not to drink cow’s milk. Even in India, Almond milk is easily available off the shelves presently. But as I always insist on homemade s...

  • For my previous post on methi seeds sabzi, I had soaked excess methi seeds. I allowed them to sprout and made this Sprouted methi seeds pulao. Winter is around the corner. It is all the more important...

  • Methi (Fenugreek / vendhayam / uluva / menthulu / menthe) is one of the few plants that you can use in both seed form and leaf form. Others being Coriander, Amarnath, Mustard etc. Alu methi sabzi, usi...

  • Stew is a popular Kerala delicacy. With Potato, onion and few choicest green vegetables, it is the best side dish for Kerala famous Aappam and Idiyappam. This Chole Stew is a deviant that goes well wi...

  • Ginger Biscuits / cookies are globally most popular as a snack. Typically the base is glutenous wheat / processed flour. But These Ragi Ginger Biscuits are a healthier version using Finger Millet (Rag...

  • Apples have always been in the top five fruits to be consumed by us to keep the doctor away. Apple sauce is the puree of cooked apples without any added sweetener. The best part I love with apple sauc...


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