All about OPOS

All about OPOS

What is OPOS?
OPOS (One Pot One Shot) is a cooking method with 26 techniques developed by Mr. Ramakrishnan.

It is a cleaner, greener, healthier, tastier way to cook almost any food. OPOS recipes work exactly the same way for anyone, anywhere, anytime. This is the OPOS promise. This promise is tested everyday at thousands of homes. Each recipe is continuously tested and refined by OPOStars across the world. Their validations are recorded everyday at the Facebook groups OPOS School and OPOS support group.

How does it work?
Almost all experts agree that the best way to preserve colour, texture, flavour and nutrition for most food stuffs is to cook them for a very short time with little or no water.  OPOS does exactly that.

All one needs is a 2L cooker (any reputed brand, any material). Though it uses the Pressure cooker, OPOS is not a fancy word for pressure cooking. It is a set of validated scientific techniques designed to bring the best out of food. It is a lot more than ‘Dump all in a cooker’ style of cooking. OPOS replaces manual skill with the right equipment and the right recipe.

The food stuffs are not pressure cooked. OPOS calls it ‘pressure baked’ as the food stuff is cooked with a very little or no water and oil but cooked in its own juices thereby retaining the nutritional values, colour, flavour and texture.

To know and learn more about OPOS, join the Facebook groups OPOS School and OPOS support group. These groups offer 24×7 support and hand holding for anyone interested to learn OPOS.

I take this opportunity to thank Mr. Ramakrishnan for teaching and allowing me to use OPOS techniques for this website.

OPOS recipes in this site
Being a follower of OPOS technique and a student of the OPOS School, I would be posting some recipes using this technique.

Before  proceeding to cook OPOS way, please standardize your cooker. Here’s how you do it.
Standardization of your 2Litre pressure cooker
Heat 1/4C (60ml) water in your 2L cooker on high so that you get the first whistle between 1 and 2 minutes. If your timing is less than 1 minute, decrease heat. If it is over 2 minutes, increase heat. (Electric/ ceramic/ glass top stoves are sluggish. They need to be preheated for 5 to 20 minutes before you place the cooker).

If you have different sizes of burners, pl check which burner gives the first whistle between 1 and 2 minutes. That will be your burner for cooking OPOS recipes at that maximum heat. 

If you have 3L cooker, proceed the same way for standardization.

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