Pumpkin seed Cheese

pumpkin seed cheese

Pumpkin seed Cheese

The demand for Vegan cheese continues to grow. This is due to the continuance of growing health concerns, dietary restrictions as more and more people are becoming dairy intolerant, and popularity in veganism. This Pumpkin seed cheese is the answer to these issues. 

However, a difficult challenge lies in creating a vegan cheese that melts and stretches like dairy cheese. Melting and stretching happens because of the presence of Casein in dairy products. But many children are developing intolerance to Casein. Medical profession has found that eliminating gluten and casein from food help change symptoms and behaviours of autism in children.

I have already posted a recipe for nut based cheese. A friend happened to tell me that her child has also been advised casein free diet by doctors. This child is allergic to nuts as well. It dawned on me that many elders too face this issue. Should such people be deprived of cheese their life time? The result is this pumpkin seed cheese that is free from casein and nuts.

My choice of pumpkin seeds for this cheese is due to the multiple health benefits that these seeds offer. Nutritionists believe that Pumpkin seeds are a good source of oils, magnesium, and other nutrients that help in the health of heart, bones, and other functions.

This is a simple, healthy and easy to make cheese at home. Many home made cheese make use of ingredients such as miso paste, dijon mustard, nutritional yeast, etc. These are beyond reach for consumers in India. Hence  I have made sure to make this with ingredients that are easily available and affordable to all here in India.

This cheese is made using agar agar powder, a plant based ingredient for gelling. You can find details on agar agar powder in my earlier post here.

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Pumpkin seed Cheese

The measurements used here are standard measuring cups. I cup= 250 ml. 
Prep Time5 minutes
Cook Time20 minutes
Chillling time1 hour
Total Time25 minutes
Course: Side Dish
Cuisine: International
Keyword: Pumpkin seeds. Cheese, vegan cheese, agar agar powder
Servings: 100 gms
Author: Rama G


  • 2/3 cup pumpkin seeds
  • 1 tsp rock salt
  • ½ tsp garlic powder
  • ½ tsp onion powder (optional)
  • ½ tsp white pepper powder
  • 3 tsp agar agar powder
  • ¾ cup water


  • Powder pumpkin seeds in a blender.
  • Add salt, garlic, onion & pepper powders and blend further.
  • Add Agar agar and water and blend to a fine paste.
  • Heat the paste on a heavy bottomed pan.
  • Keep stirring till it becomes thick and leaves the sides of the pan.
  • Pour into any moulds. 
  • Cool and refrigerate for 30 minutes or till it thickens.
  • Unmould and cut into wedges / slice /grate. 

This cheese is great as a spread, sliced and used on crackers / bread or grated on pizzas.


  • Jennifer Baker
    Posted at 05:29h, 14 August

    5 stars
    About to try this recipe! Excited. Simple steps and ingredients. I have agar flakes. Hope works well as a substitute.

    • ramag
      Posted at 20:15h, 16 August

      Hi. Thanks for this. If you are using Agar flakes, pl remember 1 tsp of fine powder = 1 tablespoon of powdered strands. Do let me know.

  • shriti raj
    Posted at 14:41h, 03 March

    is there a replacement for agar-agar?

    • ramag
      Posted at 09:58h, 24 March

      Hi. I have not tried. Since agar agar is not an animal product and made from sea weed, it helps in bringing the texture to the cheese. If you come across any other means to do this, please share. I would happily welcome it. Thanks

    • ramag
      Posted at 19:10h, 05 June

      Agar agar thickens the paste. It’s made from sea weed as against animal product. You can try tapioca flour for thickening. Buy it might not give the same texture. Let me know if you try with tapioca flour.

  • Jennifer
    Posted at 07:31h, 05 March

    5 stars
    Just made this tonight. Very tasty and simple! I tripled the recipe, so it took about 15 minutes of cooking, but that’s not much of a time investment for such a pleasant result!

    • ramag
      Posted at 10:01h, 24 March

      Hi. thanks for letting me know. I’m happy you were able to triple the recipe and got the same result. Thanks once again.

    • ramag
      Posted at 19:07h, 05 June

      Thank you. Glad you liked it. 🙂

  • Maddie
    Posted at 23:31h, 06 February

    Can I substitute a different salt for the rock salt? Can’t wait to try this but I don’t have any rock salt. With limited cupboard space, I would rather not buy some just for this recipe if I don’t have to. Thanks!

    • ramag
      Posted at 09:07h, 04 May

      Sure Maddie. You can. There is no hard and fast rule for salt. You can use whatever is available at home. I believe in minimalist life style. Warm rgds

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