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Jowar Tortilla is a gluten free Torilla made from Jowar (Sorghum). In Spanish, "tortilla" means "small torta", or "small cake". Tortilla is an unleavened flatbread. The oldest variety of Tortilla that is popular and still remains a staple food in Mexico uses Maize (corn) flour. Over the years Tortillas have evolved and use wheat, refined wheat, etc. In the US, wheat Tortillas are so popular that people prefer it to bagels and muffins. Ready made Tortillas are available in many grocery stores. But other than the maize tortillas mostly they are gluten varieties. However, since we can easily make them at home, I tried it with Jowar. Its very soft and tasty. Here is the tortilla that I made with Jowar (sorghum) flour.

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February 10th is celebrated as World Pulses Day. I am an avid fan of whole pulses / lentils. When I took a review of my posts so far, I realised I have as of today posted 22 recipes using whole pulses & legumes. I decided to compile all those recipes and make an eBook that you can download from my site.


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