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Parathas are all time favourites for all. They are so versatile that you can have them for breakfast or main course or as a snack. Groundnut Bajra Paratha is no exception. Delicious Paratha that is Dairy free & Gluten free. Groundnut Bajra Paratha is a healthy paratha as well with added proteins in the form of groundnuts. Groundnut Bajra Paratha

This Bajra Upma is a very tasty & healthy breakfast item, Monsoon is here in western ghats. Along with it comes the chill. It has been customary to stock up Bajra during cooler seasons to cook few items to give the body much needed energy boost. Whole lot of other dishes can be made with millet flours other than plain Rotis. Mixed with the right proportion of some starchy flours like Tapioca or Arrowroot, gluten free flour mix can be made for baking cookies and cakes. Steamed millet flour makes delicious Puttu. Cooked millet flours make tasty Idiyappams. One such item is this Bajra Upma.
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Bajra Upma

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February 10th is celebrated as World Pulses Day. I am an avid fan of whole pulses / lentils. When I took a review of my posts so far, I realised I have as of today posted 22 recipes using whole pulses & legumes. I decided to compile all those recipes and make an eBook that you can download from my site.


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